Is not possible outside the cottage but there are
some roads nearby where there are no restrictions



Width of door from road into passageway: 75cms

Width of door from passageway into kitchen: 73cms

Width of door from kitchen onto patio: 63cms

Width of stairs: 60cms



  1. There are 5x wood burning stoves.  1x in each of the 2x downstairs sitting rooms, 1x in the dining room, 1x in each of the double bedrooms on the first floor.  They have been tested and the chimneys are properly lined.  The chimneys are cleaned annually in October of each year.

  2. There are 2x smoke alarms.  1x in the entrance into the kitchen and  1x in the landing on the first floor.  They are battery run and regularly checked.

  3. There is a fire hydrant and a fire blanket fixed on the wall in the kitchen.

  4. There is a fully operational carbon monoxide detector

  5. All the bottom half of the windows are openable.  The windows on the first floor have window locks.  The keys to these locks are on hooks on each of the windows.

  6. There are no candle sticks in the house.  There are night lights contained in heavily weighted night light holders.

  7. There is an annual Electricity check for all appliances.

  8. There is an annual Gas check for all appliances.

  9. There is a strict no-smoking policy in the cottage.

  10. There are three exit doors in the downstairs area.  There are   
         no obstructions and they are easily accessible.